Taxonomy App V 3.3 – Release Notes

Taxonomy V3.3 Release Notes

The following provides an overview of the changes released on March 15, 2023

Improvements to Microsoft 365 retention label management.

When creating a retention label that has an end retention action to replace the current retention label, the user must first create the replacement label, then remove it from the taxonomy, then create the initial retention label and connect it to the replacement retention label. This is not a smooth process.

That’s why we made a change to help users create the replacement label from within the initial label; by selecting Create New from the Select Replacement Label drop-down list. A pop-up window appears to allow the user to create the replacement retention label.

Made the Records Details and the Retention Label optional and removable.

Sometimes it’s only needed to create a simple classification scheme with no records management details and no associated retention label.

For this, we have made it possible to disable any section or both as needed.

Updates of links to the knowledge base and support center.

Now you can access the knowledge base with a single click from within the app.

Improvement of the excel spreadsheet template to import the file plan.

To make it easier for users to edit the taxonomy in Excel, the taxonomy settings were moved to as separate tab, the English taxonomy and the French taxonomy are also separated in two different tabs. 

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