Taxonomy App for SharePoint

An Effective Way to Manage your File Plan for Records Management

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Taxonomy App is an intuitive file classification plan management software hosted on SharePoint.

It gives you various features to create your taxonomy in collaboration with business stakeholders. The Taxonomy app allows you to create your file retention schedule, link it to the file plan, and import it into the Microsoft 365 compliance center. The Taxonomy app is integrated with the SharePoint term store where, with a single click, you can publish your file plan as managed metadata. 

What do I get with
Taxonomy App?

Start from an Excel Spreadsheet

Don’t start from scratch, format your taxonomy using a provided template and import it to the App.

Role-based access control:

Users have different roles to access and work with the taxonomy... Regular users (access to the site, but no role within the app) can see the published version of the file planReviewer: can see draft versions of the file plan and can comment, can share links via emailEditor: can edit draft versions and can submitApprover can edit submitted versions, publish, un-publish, initiate a new version of the file plan (file plan already published), publish to the term store.Admin, can assign roles and archive/un-archive file plan


Allows to capture comments from different stakeholders. Enables sharing of file plan via email ...Reviewer role enables business stakeholders to provide their input on the file classification plan before it is final

Export to excel, work offline & import back

With Taxonomy you can export to excel, work offline and import back to the app


View previous version, restore as the current version, purge versions

Review and approval process of the taxonomy

The taxonomy goes through a process before it is published where different stakeholders contribute to the process.

What is Taxonomy
and why it is important?

The most significant benefit of creating a taxonomy is increased search relevance. Finding a specific document in your SharePoint content repository could be challenging if you have hundreds of thousands with similar content.

Taxonomy App enables an effective and efficient governance of your taxonomy.

Access Control

The Taxonomy app's role-based access allows you to bring different types of collaborators into the game with different access rights.

Work Offline

You can export the file classification plan (taxonomy) to Excel, work on it offline, and import it back into the app.

Manage your Taxonomy

Streamline business processes for creating, reviewing and approving taxonomy for SharePoint.


The Taxonomy application relies on the multiple layers of security provided by the out-of-the-box M365 capabilities. With single sign-on, users don't have to log in more than once.


Taxonomy has a bilingual interface (English and French) and allows you to build and publish your taxonomy in two different languages. (Additional languages can be added upon request).

Integrate it with

Taxonomy enhances SharePoint for better Enterprise file classification management & intelligence


Interesting facts about Taxonomy and the App

Prevent data loss by applying the correct classification and performing proper retention and disposal.

Increase user adoption by involving business stakeholders in the game.
Start a 30-Day Free Trial
IM people who have reviewed the Taxonomy app recommend using it
Taxonomy application increases file plan adoption among business stakeholders
Improve file plan accuracy and consistency across the organization
Invite business stakeholders to contribute to the file plan increases user adoption.

Pricing and Packages

Essentials $5,650
  • 5 Seats for IM users
  • 5 File Plans
  • Free Continuous Upgrades
  • Includes 1st Year Free Premium Support
  • Subsequent Years Premium Support $1.500/Year
Enterprise $12,250
  • Unlimited number of seats
  • Unlimited number of File Plans
  • Free Continuous Upgrades
  • + 1 Additional Development License
  • Includes 1st Year Free Premium Support
  • Subsequent Years Premium Support $1.500/Year
Premier $8,750
  • 20 Seats for IM users
  • 20 File Plans
  • Free Continuous Upgrades
  • Includes 1st Year Free Premium Support
  • Subsequent Years Premium Support $1.500/Year

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All your data is stored in the SharePoint site where the Taxonomy Webparts are installed.

Taxonomy role based access allows you to share and control access to the file plan, the following are the various access roles:

Reader: anyone who has access to the SharePoint Site can access the file plan in read only mode, he/she can only see Published versions of the file plan.
Reviewer: Assigned through the Admin Webpart, anyone with this role, in addition to what the reader can do, he/she can view and comment on the different elements of a Draft version of the File Plan.
Editor: Assigned through the Admin Webpart, anyone with this role, in addition to what the reviewer can do, he/she can add, delete and edit the different elements of the Draft version of the File Plan, and can submit a file plan for approval.
Approver: Assigned through the Admin Webpart, anyone with this role, in addition to what the editor can do, he/she can create a new File Plan or add a new version to an existing one, can publish/unpublish the File Plan, and can delete a File Plan.
Administrator: Assigned through the Admin Webpart, anyone with this role can manage the access right to the application.

Yes, Taxonomy allows you to import your organization’s file plan from excel.

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