Start from an Excel Spreadsheet

Don’t start from scratch, format your taxonomy using a provided template and import it to the App.

Role-based access control:

Users have different roles to access and work with the taxonomy... Regular users (access to the site, but no role within the app) can see the published version of the file planReviewer: can see draft versions of the file plan and can comment, can share links via emailEditor: can edit draft versions and can submitApprover can edit submitted versions, publish, un-publish, initiate a new version of the file plan (file plan already published), publish to the term store.Admin, can assign roles and archive/un-archive file plan


Allows to capture comments from different stakeholders. Enables sharing of file plan via email ...Reviewer role enables business stakeholders to provide their input on the file classification plan before it is final

Export to excel, work offline & import back

With Taxonomy you can export to excel, work offline and import back to the app


View previous version, restore as the current version, purge versions

Review and approval process of the taxonomy

The taxonomy goes through a ...review process before it is published where different stakeholders contribute to the process.

No SharePoint Admin account is required to manage the taxonomy

With the out of the box functionality, users need to have access to the SharePoint admin ...page to view/manage the SharePoint term store, with the Taxonomy App all users can be given access to view the taxonomy (only published versions).

Map the file plan (taxonomy) to a retention label

The taxonomy, which can represent the file classification plan, can be mapped to the retention labels ... e.g., classification for Human Resource staffing can be mapped to the retention label “Retain content 2 years after last modification even if user deletes and delete automatically”

Audit trail of the changes to the taxonomy

Enable accountability by keeping a detailed audit trail accessible only to the Taxonomy Admin with search and export tools.


Enable a bilingual taxonomy and a bilingual interface to manage the taxonomy.

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